Customize your statusbar

QuartzStatusBar gives your dull StatusBar a new make over. By default it is set to detect the users wallpaper to set some of the major colours automatically. If the user wishes, they could enable a theme which could override some or all settings of the plugin to create something unique.

Making QuartzStatusBar Theme

QuartzStatusBar InstructionsQuartzStatusBar Instructions
  • All the themes will be stored in this folder "/Library/Application Support/Quartz/QuartzStatusBar/Themes/"

  • Create a folder in "/Library/Application Support/Quartz/QuartzStatusBar/Themes/" and give it the same name as you want the theme to be called, for example I want my theme to be called "Black Panther", than I will name this folder "Black Panther". The complete path will be now "/Library/Application Support/Quartz/QuartzStatusBar/Themes/Black Panther/"

  • In your theme folder create two more folders called "images", and "override". So you will have two new folders, in the "images" folder you will be storing all the screenshots of your theme. In your override folder you'll be creating files to override the settings.

  • In the folder "override", create a file with the name "theme.plist". This file will contain the keys described below to override, keep in mind you do not need to include ALL the keys, just the ones you may want to override.

  • QuartzSettings accepts these keys (all a type of string, float, or bool):
    • Foreground_Primary_Color
      • Hex value (ffffff)
    • Foreground_Primary_Alpha
      • Float value (0.0 - 1.0)
    • Foreground_Secondary_Color
      • Hex value (ffffff)
    • Foreground_Secondary_Alpha
      • Float value (0.0 - 1.0)
    • Background_Color
      • Hex value (ffffff)
    • Background_Alpha
      • Float value (0.0 - 1.0)
    • isBlurNeeded
      • Bool value (true or false)